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Living in Oklahoma City

Posted by wisemarketing on February 17, 2016
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According to Forbes magazine there’s some really good information about living in Oklahoma City. The median home price is around 130 thousand dollars. The unemployment rate is under 4 percent, and the cost of living is below the national average. With a population of 1,340,000, OKC is blessed to have a thriving growing economy. You can find great Apartments For Rent in OKC that won’t empty out your bank account. OKC is blessed to have such great State Universities, the Tinker Air Force base, the US Department of Transportation and it’s also rich with natural resources of oil and gas.

Other interesting facts about Oklahoma City is that the median household income is around $52,000. OKC is in the top 30 of the best places for businesses. For more information take a look at the article at This is just a little bit of information about a wonderful place to live.

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